Shyam Sundar

Senior Software Engineer

About Me

Coding has been an integral part of my life for quite sometime. I love solving challenging problems and have always been keen in implementing latest trends and technologies in the world of programming.

What else keeps me busy other than coding? Well, its cricket and table tennis, the other passions of my life!

Latest Projects

student records

Fedena Student Records Module

This module enables users to record and store all details about a student. Details like health records, extracurricular activities, or any other information that is a milestone in the student’s growth.

remarks module

Fedena Remarks Module

This module enables users to manage various types of remarks.The module basically involved creation an engine for the same.So adding a new setting would allow users to add new forms of remark and no additional blocks of codes are required to be written for it.

timetable module

Fedena Timetable Module Revamp

Structural and UI changes to the existing fedena timetable module.This feature enables users to set separate class timing set to each weekdays.Also users can set which ever day of the week as start of the week and so on.

revert archived student

Fedena Revert Archived Student Module

Allows users to revert archival of students conserving most of the details associated with them when they were a student.

fedena barcode integration

Barcode Integration with Fedena

Allows users to revert archival of students conserving most of the details associated with them when they were a student.

Other Projects

Fedena CCE Module - Enhancements Phase 0,Phase 1 and Phase 2

Various enhancements were made to the existing CCE module to make it more CBSE compliant.Some of the enhancements includes Formula based calculation of marks,introduction of CBSE specified reports,ASL mark entry,Upscaling of grades,previous batch mark entry etc.

Fedena Batch Summary

This new addition allows users to view various details pertaining to a batch like the students in that batch,timetable details associated with that batch,attendance details associated with that batch,exam details and events.

Fedena Student Admission Number

This enhancement allows user to opt for auto incrementation of student's admission number as well as follow desired patterns

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Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer - Think and Learn (Byjus) (2016 - present)

Senior Software Engineer - Foradian Technologies (2013 - 2016)